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Champion’s Sport Xtreme (CSX) specializes in braces & supports and compression sport socks that are engineered to withstand the demands of the elite athlete. It is known that improved circulation enhances oxygen, nutrient, and waste exchange to the tissues which allows for increased muscular power, less fatigue during performance and quicker recovery.


Employing the most effective and lightweight materials in the right areas of the human anatomy is a mixture of both art and science. CSX Compression Sport Socks and Compression Calf Sleeves use two different levels of compression, and are designed to give athletes and active individuals the decisive edge in performance, injury reduction and recovery. Built with the greatest support at the ankle that reduces gradually up the leg, they work to reduce the diameter of the superficial veins in the lower leg and thus help improve blood flow. Improved flow can help protect, energize, and renew tired muscles.


Each support is anatomically engineered for a precision fit to provide compression and stabilization. All of our braces and supports feature advanced technology materials that provide moisture wicking manafement, and each is finished off with an odor reducing anti-microbial treatment. All braces & supports are non-allergenic and latex free.