Sports Xtreme

Champion's Sport Xtreme (CSX) line of braces and supports are engineered to withstand the demands of the elite athlete. CSX products are the result of years of research, design and rigorous testing by experts in the field of sports medicine. No detail was overlooked to reach our goal of providing a seamless blend of comfort, durability and unsurpassed functionality all in a sleek contemporary design. Whether the consumer is an elite athlete or someone with an active lifestyle who demands the best performance available, CSX will provide the support they need and the look they want. 


Technology Amplified 

A brace is not just a brace! It must provide the right amount of support and range of motion in the right areas to deliver the comfort and confidence the consumer needs to perform at their highest level. Only the latest, premier quality, sports specific materials were used in the construction of the CSX line. Employing the most effective and lightweight materials in the right areas of the human anatomy is a mixture of both art and science. Non-allergenic and latex free breathable neoprene, wicking mesh for moisture management and the latest non-abrasive fastening technology combine to enhance comfort, fit and function.